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SEMDual Diagnosis Treatment Center SEO
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center SEO

Drug Rehab SEO for Rehab Centers

By now you know you landed on the right site. If your looking for Drug Rehab SEO for your Addiction Treatment Facilities, welcome home we'll take it from here. After all, the keyword you searched on Google is one that we are targeting with this site, and you found this site, which we created to be found by you.

At the end of the day, that is what you're looking for, right? A person or company that provides search engine optimization services and can get your rehab center in front of people looking for a drug rehab? We get you in front of the addict looking for themselves, the loved one seeking help for a family member or friend or even local authorities like probation and parole officers looking for a bed for to help someone get clean as an alternative to jail time?

Right! Now, you know we know Drug Rehab SEO and you know we understand your audiences.

Our Methodology: Technical SEO

Technical Drug Rehab SEO

Technical SEO, or On-Page Optimization is the process of directing relevancy for the most popular terms your audience will be using to find your rehab on Google. We don't leave it to chance, by highlighting your primary search terms in areas like your title tags allow you to specify the best terms as relate to your facility and the areas you service.

On Page Technical SEO for Inpatient Treatment Centers
Our Methodology: Off Page SEO

Off-Page Drug Rehab SEO

"Off Page" SEO is everything we do that is not "on your site" but gets you rankings. The words on your site (On Page SEO) tells Google what your relevant to (keywords/search terms), off page SEO is what Google uses to determine WHERE you will rank for what your relevant to.

Many SEO's will term this as the "authority" of your treatment centers website, it is derived by other sites linking to yours. Google looks at the quality and authority of those sites, if those sites are relevant to you, and the gross number of sites linking to your site. This is how Google will decide where your rehab ranks in the SERPs.

Off Page SEO for Rehabs
Our Methodology: Content

Drug Rehab SEO Content Writing

Content is not king, but it is key. Sure, you can predict, at least for the most part, what someone will search for when they are looking for a local drug rehab, sober living, detox facility, IOP, or PHP treatment options just like we can predict what a treatment center will search if they are looking for local SEO for Rehab Centers. It's common sense, mostly, but what if they just don't know what they are looing for and are looking generically or categorically? Just researching? Well, the more words you have on your site means you'll have a better chance of including the specific phrase in your content that they search. If you do that and you have a high enough authority, odds are you'll show up on the first page of Google and not miss that chance at an admit.

Content Writing for Drug Rehabs
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center SEO

Could it be that simple?

So, again your saying "that's all you do? That is not enough". We beg to differ, and we are the ones, after all, that took this page and got it ranked so you would find it for the search term Local SEO for Rehab Centers and other terms related to SEO and the treatment niche. We are not web designers, we are SEOs, this site is to prove to you that we can take a basic site and get it in front a targeted audience, like you whom came to Google and searched for a Drug Rehab SEO Company service provider and found us.

Do the math!

Look, we understand that you have been told many things about SEO and you have read so much on SEO that you consider yourself versed enough to be dangerous, right? Well, lets explorer that a bit. SEO is making people find what you want them to find on Google. So, SEO's can get you to see what they want you to see. You following me?

Drug Rehab Google Ranking

SEO for Sober Living Houses

Need result's quickly? A Sober Living we started working with a while back needed  affordable SEO for Sober Livings. To keep this story short and sweet, in just 30 days we were able to get 7 of 15 targeted keywords on page 1 of Google and 10 of those 15 in the maps 3 pack in under 30 days. We love page dominance, why settle for 1 spot on the first page of Google if local SEO for rehab centers can get you 2 positions on the first page? Would you be okay with us getting you on the first page not once but twice? They were and after just 30 days they had no empty beds and have had 100% census ever since.

Would you be happy if your drug rehab or sober living had a 100% census?

Advertising for sober livings

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