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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center SEO

Case Study #1:

Trauma Treatment Center

Location: Los Angeles

Keywords Targeted

To give an example on some of the keywords we worked on with this specific client, here are 3 specific search terms used:

PTSD treatment Los Angeles
Outpatient trauma therapy Los Angeles
Anxiety treatment centers Los Angeles

National SEO for Rehabs
SERP Correction

Quantity in SERP Positions

This client had worked with several SEO companies in the past and had attained some measure of success with a few keywords on the first page albeit the bottom and some on pages 2, 3, and 4.

In the course of the first 5 months we moved the client up over 1,000 positions on Google to the top on the first page for 18 out of 35 keywords targeted initially, including those listed above.

Of the 35 keywords initially targeted, all 35 are now on the first page of Google, many in the top 3 and most in the #1 spot in the both the maps and free listings.

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The clients center 100% relies on SEO for patients, no PPC of any sort is needed to maintain full capacity at this facility.

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