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Choosing a content writer for you treatment center is a big decision. Whoever you choose to delegate this task to need to understand your brand, your message, your companies ideals, your creed, and also has to understand SEO.

Ideally, content would be created in-house, as no one will ever understand you and your facility better, you do, after all, know you best. After you craft your messaging and SEO would go though that messaging and tweak for SEO purposes.

But we understand that this is not the idea solution for most CEO's and Founders and addiction treatment facilities and this is why we take the utmost care to understand your facility thoroughly when crafting messaging that will reflect your brand accordingly.

Write for people

Write for the Suffering Addict

Your messaging needs to speak to the heart of the addict that is suffering because of addiction, the person that is seeking treatment for help in breaking a viscous cycle that they may have been battening for years.

Your messaging also needs to ready to help the family or friends of addicts looking for help for a loved one suffering from addiction.

And your messaging must also have a forward facing message for those who hold a position of oversight and may be looking to beds for those they supervise.

But the addict should always be at the core of your messaging, your websites copy needs to give hope, inspire confidence, help them take the next step and that is reaching out to your admissions department.

Rehab Content Writers
Optimize for search engines

Edit For Search Engines

Your personas help you identify what search terms you need to rank for and thus include within your copy, as the content is crafted these terms should be artfully and tactfully included in the messaging.

Our writers have skillfully written thousands of pages of content over the years and with us holding the pen you can rest assured that your content will be fluid and will reflect your most important search terms without looking spammy and without keyword stuffing.

We often find it easiest to first write the content without consideration for search terms and after completion, do a quick edit to insert the search terms where it will not alter readability or take away from the messaging. This method is most commonly used by us when the content is written by you but optimized by us.

Copywriting for Addiction Recovery
Link for relevancy

What are Internal Links?

As content is written it is of the utmost importance to look at the words and phrases used. Where a phrase used matches a search term targeted within another page on the site, an internal link should be created using those words as the anchor text of that links.

This is how local SEO for rehab centers used content and internal links to drive relevancy within the site and help the search engines understand what pages you want to show up for those terms.

See what we did? At the beginning of the previous statement you will find an example of internal linking, where we have linked to our home page using a targeted search phrase that we want the home page to show up for.

Unlike external backlinks for rehabs, internal links are more for increasing relevancy rather then authority building.

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