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Did someone say "holy grail of SEO"? No? Oh, we were just thinking it, sorry!

Ask 10 SEOs and you'll get different answers when it comes to off-page SEO, otherwise known as backlinks. we would love to dispel the misinformation around this topic here and now, but even if we tried many would not listen.

Backlinks get results, period.

Defining Backlinks

What is a backlink?

The internet changed the way we find information, the internet, otherwise known as the World Wide Web is a network, and this network is interconnected. These connections are are termed backlinks by the SEO world. Backlinks are hyper links like this:

This is an internal link

This is an external link

Search engines, like Google, use these links to crawl from one web site to another as a means to discover new information and index it. As it crawls these links it stores information about them, like where they are located and where they lead to. They also use that stored data to evaluate the authority of websites. If many sites link to another site, that is an indicator to the search engines that said site must have some valuable information on it.

Now, when they scan that website they will take into account those links and based on the content on that site it will say

"Well, we see you talking about Local SEO for rehab centers and all these sites are linking to you so when it comes to local SEO for rehabs you must have something good day say for all these other sites to be linking to you. I'm going to rank you higher then the other site saying the same thing that has less links"

Backlinks are what allow you to rank highly for the search terms that search engines deem you relevant to, that relevancy comes from the content on your website and the words you place in various areas through on-page SEO.

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Types of Backlinks

Are all links the same?

Backlinks can be built in many different ways and each backlink you build for you rehab will be worth more or less based on the site where it is placed, where on the site it is placed, where on the page it is located, and based on what else is on that page including the content and other outbound or external links.

When building your websites backlink profile you want to take into consideration all of these factors to be sure that your time and resources are well allocated.

Bad Backlinks

Some backlinks will be worth less but will still be worth getting while some links you'll want to avoid all together. Link farms are one type of links that can actually harm your rehab websites placement within search.

Black Hat SEO can get you penalized or even blacklisted. If you get blacklisted your website will be deleted from Google's index, never to be found in a search result again. This is highly unlikely as Google tends to just devalue bad links these days, but it is till something to take into consideration when choosing a company to build backlinks for you.

Work with the best and you'll get the best results, like us!

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Building Backlinks

How do you build backlinks?

The process of building your treatment centers backlink portfolio is a tedious and ongoing endeavor. You don't want to simply build 10,000 backlinks in one month and call it quits, that in no way looks natural.

Natural is key here, Google says in its guidelines not to actively build links. Google wants you to build an awesome site that is so cool and contains such valuable information that people who visit your site will naturally want to share your site and thus give you a link because they want to share your information with others.

Good luck with that, this simply is not a saleable or reliable means to promote your website, just throw a ton of resources at a site and hope for the best? Dubious at best, right?

To appease Googles sensibilities you have to work hard to build links to imitate what a natural acquisition of links would look like, this is what we have been doing for 14 years and has allowed us to excel. We have the means and network in place to build relevant, authoritative links that are contextually based and placed based on a sites owners desire to promote your website.

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