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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center SEO

What we focus on...

Not to oversimplify the process of getting a site on the first page for what many you know to be a very competitive space when it comes to rankings we rehab center on the first page using local SEO for rehab centers but to be clear, it really does boil down to...


What is On-Page SEO?

When we refer to this aspect of SEO, what we are looking at is your treatment centers page elements that Google looks to when trying to understand what your site is about, what your relevant to, and what you could rank for in the SERPs.

These include aspects like:

Title Tags

Title tags can be found when you move your mouse over a browser tab containing your website. Title tags are one of the most important tags on your website, this is one of the first things scanned by Google when landing on any given website. If you run a sober living a good title tag on your home page would look something like:

"Sober Living SEO Camarillo - Drug Rehab SEO

"With this example you are concisely summarizing your site/page and highlighting the geographical area you service. Service + Area.

Description Tags

Arguably the second most important tag on your website. Your description tags has no on-page forward facing element, it is strictly locked away in your websites backend. For that reason, it is an area overlooked by many web developers and regretfully some SEOs.

Header Tags

If a pages main body of content were to be looked at as an essay, your header is the title of that essay. Your H1, specifically, is of the most importance as it should always precede the main body of content and clearly identify what the following content related to. Too often I see H1 tags that say "click here" or consist of a brand name, this is a huge misstep by whomever does this as they are a key area where relevancy can be boosted for a specific phrase that or search term.

Local SEO for Rehabs Centers

What is Off-Page SEO?

Backlinks, this is off-page SEO. A backlink is a hyperlink on another site that links back to yours.

Why Are They Important?

Google's algorithm uses backlink as the means to decide where your are going to rank for the "keywords" your rehab is relevant to. When it comes to SEO for Drug Rehabs, the single most important factor you should be focusing on is this aspect.

Types of Backlinks

Here is where you get into the weeds a bit. Google has always used backlinks in it's determination of where your site will rank, what has changed over the years is how it values any given links and what links it places more weight on for that determination.

Quantity vs Quality

We like the best of both worlds, you want some high quality links from relevant websites, but, you also want as many links as you can possibly get. Your budget will determine the kind out outreach you can afford what mix of links you will end up with. It takes more resources and planning to get a link from a major new publisher where as on the other hand, you could have taken those same resources and attained 100 links from 2nd tier publishers. A detailed audit of your competitors sites, whom already hold the top rankings you want, will help us identify what we need to do to out rank them.

Backlinks for Drug Rehabs
Content Creation

Create Content?

The process of writing content is looked at in 2 ways:

1) For users

2) For search engines

Content Writing For Users

Writing content for users means taking into account what the user is looking for, what they need, and anticipating that with prewritten content that answers the questions they have with valuable information specifically relevant to that end. Content for users will not sound "salesey" or be overly keyword rich. This content will flow logically and be written specifically has helpful information delivered up to the user to solve whatever problem they have.

Content Writing For Search Engines

Some of you are thinking right now "never write content for search engines", yeah we agree. In a perfect world no business would ever have to write content for a website that is specifically written to influence relevancy for a search term like "SEO for Sober Livings", in a perfect world Google would instantly know every term you could possibly be relevant to and know out the gate that your are without a doubt the best at what you do.

Need we say more?

This is not a perfect world and at the end of the day if you do not agree with writing content for search engines, you'll probably never compete at the same level as those who understand this necessary "evil".

We are not saying write bad content, we are saying write strategically. Know what keywords you want to be found for and write around those terms. If you want to rank for "Treatment Center SEO", you should probably be sure to include that in your content somewhere. Our team will help you with this so that your site content flows naturally and is written strategically.

Content Writing for Rehabs