SEO for Rehabs
2+ Locations: Low Competition
  • 10 Keywords
  • On Page Optimization
  • 10 Pages of Content - 1 Time
  • Content Creation - None
  • Web Design - None
  • Traditional Link Building
  • Relevant High Authority Link Building
2+ Locations: Moderate Competition
  • 20 Keywords
  • On Page Optimization
  • 20 Pages of Content - 1 Time
  • Content Creation - 1 Article Per Week
  • Web Design - None
  • Traditional Link Building
  • Relevant High Authority Link Building
2+ Locations: High Competition
  • 40 Keywords
  • On Page Optimization
  • 40 Pages of Content - 1 Time
  • Content Creation - 2 Articles Per Week
  • Web Design - 2 Hours Per Month
  • Traditional Link Building
  • Relevant High Authority Link Building
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center SEO

Multi Location SEO for Rehabs

These packages are by no means the limit to what we have to offer in terms of SEO for drug rehabs, they are meant to set the tone for further discussion. SEO is not a one size fits all solution and that applies to our services as well. While you could take any of these campaign and see success, we prefer to walk through the process with you and get to know your specific circumstances.

Keyword Selection

Picking Search Terms

Choosing what search terms (keywords) to target is a process where we work closely with you to fine tune. We want to be sure that we are putting your budget to work on the terms that will drive the utmost relevant traffic to your site and not just traffic but traffic from search terms that have a high level of "buyer intent".

Buyer Intent for Rehabs

Buyer intent is a term typically used in the ecommerce space but it applies to rehabs as well. We are referring to the intent of the person doing to the search. For example, some doing a search for "does rehab work" while is indicative of someone looking into the process of and possibility of seeking recover, the person searching "alcohol detox near me" clearly shows a higher level of intent as they are further along in the funnel then the aforementioned user.

By assuring that we target the right keywords we increase the likelihood that the budget you allocate towards your SEO campaign will result in an increase in leads and admits. While no guarantees can be made, based on our experience in working with drug rehabs all over the world, we are wholeheartedly sure that by understanding intent and focusing on those that are further along the funnel, we can quickly increase the number of admissions you receive via search each month.

National SEO for Rehabs
Content Creation

Content Writing Options

Many use the phrase "content is king" while we do not fully agree with this statement we certainly do not want to take away from the value of content. Afterall, if content we not important do you think we would have bothered with putting all these extra words on this site?

Content gives your site the ability to be found relevant for a multitude of terms. By discussing your services in detail you will inadvertently find that you have included search terms surrounding your rehab center that you may not have otherwise included in a typical campaign. And while many of these may not be terms that you want to actively target with a campaign, you will however begin to rank freely for some of these secondary search terms as your website gains authority through our off-page techniques.

This is why we recommend writing as much content as possible for your website and writing fresh content as often as possible. By consistently adding new content you will open up doors for your treatment facility that may have otherwise remained closed.

We offer 2 options for content creation, a one time option for each keyword and an ongoing content creation strategy built around your facility, your patients, and the struggles they face both in recovery and the ones they are living in during active addiction.

Backlinks for Drug Rehabs
Link Building

Traditional vs High Authority

We can never emphasize enough the importance of link building, this is a component of SEO that will have a huge impact on your website and your treatment centers SEO campaigns ability tp actively drive admits to your location. Link building is the one aspect of SEO's that places the fear of G in both agencies and freelancers. That fear of Google keeps many from actively building backlinks to promote your website and this is the main reason why many agencies and freelancers fail.

We on the other hand, only fear failing you our client. So we have developed a strategy that allows our clients to successfully dominate said search engine time and time again across the planet we call earth.

We have 2 types of link building strategies that we employ, the one is what we term traditional link building and the other is relevant high authority link building.

Traditional Link Building

This strategy includes assuring that your websites information is consistent across all the major directors, these are typically referred to as local citations as they include you rehabs name, address, phone number and other pertinent information. This information often referred to as NAP information. (Name, Address, Phone Number)

Additionally, with this service we will be creating a variety of other links which can be further explained better during a conversation so feel free to call now.

Relevant High Authority Link Building

The secret sauce, Google likes when your links come from relevant websites, it also likes it when other sites link to whom already have a foothold within search for it's respective market. Meaning that site linking to you has some SEO value in place for itself. When a website that ranks well and receives a-lot of traffic chooses to link to you, that link can be worth 10's or even hundreds of lower level links. Sometimes just a few of these types of links are enough to drive your website the the first page for low competition keywords.

By utilizing these two strategies in building links to drive SEO value to your rehab, sober living, inpatient, or outpatient facility we are able to deliver rankings faster than any other SEO company on the planet and we are able to firmly hold you in the spotlight where addicts seeking recovery can find you.

Out of State Rehab Marketing