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National SEO for Rehab Centers

Too many beds to fill and not enough interest locally? Perhaps you have a desirable location, amenities that go above and beyond that of a typical facility? National SEO Packages may be the solution you need to stay at capacity and profitable.

National SEO or even an SEO campaign targeting multiple cities or states is similar to local SEO for addiction recovery facilities in that the core components stay the same. At the end of it all it still comes down to having a well structures website, supporting content, concise on-page messaging, and authority. On the other hand, it will take more time, generally much much more time.

Lead Time

How much more time?

As long as it's going to take. A definite answer on how long it will take Google and other search engines to recognize your website as an authority is difficult to say. Could take a few months rank on the first page for some rehab related search terms, could take six months to year for others, and others could take several years. National search engine optimization for rehabs, detox houses, and similar inpatient facilities is not for the short sighted or faint of heart.

National Treatment Center SEO

What is domian authority?

The authority of a website has been defined using many names over the years including Page Rank, Domain Authority, and Page Authority to name a few. Early on Google even allowed the public insight into how they viewed any given site or page and the term Page Rank was created by Google.

That feature was abused and led to that insight being removed from the public eye. Since that time other sites have taken to creating metrics in an attempt to reflect what a sites Page Rank would be if that feature were still around.

Many factors went into the number assigned, to summarize and simplify it, a sites value increased as other websites linked to it, and depending on the value of those linking sites (Page Rank), those sites would "pass page rank" accordingly. Thus the goal was to get sites with a high Page Rank to link to you so your site would inherit a portion of that Page Rank, resulting in an increase in your own Page Rank.

Many will tell you backlinks no longer work and are used less by search engines like Google to evaluate and rank your website, that information is only partially true.

Google is better now at determining what links are real or fake and which should be used in ranking determination and which should not. Those who say links do not work, simply can't build good links that Google will find value in.

Find rehab SEO company that can build great backlinks for drug rehabs and you have found a great company to partner with.

backlinks for drug rehabs
Additional Requirements

Website Depth

Unlike a facility that just needs to attract attention from within a localized geographical area surrounding said facility, an addiction recovery center looking to cast a wider net needs a larger website. A few basic pages talking about addiction, recovery, and primary services simply will not be enough. Depending on the strategy implemented it may be necessary to create many landing pages, in some cases into the hundreds.

You can only optimize any given page for so many search terms, to cover to variations available you will need to have enough pages to host thousand upon thousands of words of content. You will need pages to host content about specific locations, specific drugs, and have supporting pages or content silos to drive additional relevancy to those pages.

A company that specializes in building websites for drug rehabs is a must if you plan on marketing outside of your immediate area.

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