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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Rehab Centers, it's a mouthful right? It will also fill your plate.

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, alone you will quickly find yourself doing nothing but posting mems and trying attract likes, follow, etc. Having a company handle this for you is really the only sensible solution aside from hiring someone in-house full time to nothing but manage your various social profiles.

Social Networking

Which Platforms Matter?

They all matter, you just never know where you'll pull an admit from.

But, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the top 3 that you want to be sure you cover.

National SEO for Rehabs
Social Pulse

Social Media Breaths Life

With social media you can put keywords on the back burner, on social platforms you have the opportunity to breath life into your facility by posting pictures of events, videos, success stories, alumni reunions and so much more.

Social Media Marketing For Rehab Centers

How Much and How Often?

As much and as often as possible.

Social Media Marketing For Rehab Centers