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Web Design for Rehab Centers

Designing a website for a local rehab center or even a national drug rehab requires a strategic approach, keeping in mind goals in terms of admits, personas, desired service locations, specific recovery services offered, and much more.

Companies exist galore that can been you a good looking website based on your specifications but only a handful of companies have pre-existing experience working with rehabs, inpatient and outpatient, sober livings, detoxes, and all else related to behavioral health.

The ones that do, wont just build you a pretty site based on what you say you want, they will build you a site with a foundation that guarantees that the site will not just be a digital business card but become the best marketing tool you have in your belt.

Responsive Designs

What is a Responsive Design?

How do you search more often the not, on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or on your phone?

Odds are increasingly in favor that the person looking for an addiction recovery center near them will be doing that search on a phone. Your local rehab center website design needs to be compatible on mobile and any other device that may be used to preform that search.

A responsive website will recognize the size of the screen the visitor is on and adjust your websites layout accordingly to with within that viewports size. This assures that your message comes across as desired rather that a jumbled illegible mess that may be seen if the website is not responsive.

Rehab Website Design Companies
Customer Personas

Customer Personas and Site Design

Keeping a keen eye towards your audience is paramount to building a website that will strike the right cord and turn visitors into residents. It also assures that you will have pages to support the specific needs and wants of your patient.

What drugs are prominent in your area, what types of insurances are most used in your area, what lifestyles need to be taken into account? Who will requesting admission, the addict or if your a youth facility, the parent or guardian of said addict?

From what social calluses will your admits be coming from, lower, middle, or upper class. What amenities will be expected or offered?

These are just a few of the things you should take into consideration before or during the design phase, definitely not after.

Rehab Customer Personas
Site Structure and On-Page SEO

Done Right the First Time

The 5 P's, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. A company that specializes in building and marketing websites for treatment facilities will know what questions to ask to be sure your rehab website design is done right the first time.

Additionally, if your working with a company that knows how to market rehab websites in addition to knowing how to design them you'll save yourself the tedious task of having to backtrack and after the fact and do your on-page SEO.

While putting to together personas we'll learn what pages need to be built, we'll understand what search terms need to be targeted with those pages and thus those pages can and will be properly optimized to concisely reflect that data.

The last thing you want to do is drop $3,500-$10,000 or more on a website and have to pay someone else another chunk of capital to go back through all the pages just built and insert title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and headers that correctly focus on the search terms that will drive admits.

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